How to Create the Best Business Name Ever, Picking the Best Name

Picking The Best Name For Your Business

Picking The Best Name For Your Business

Ok, so here you are the last and final step of our seven step series, How to Create the Best Business Name Ever.

We’ve talked about the importance of getting creative for a creative business name, getting creative to create a unique business name, you’ve learned that you need to check to make sure your business name ideas are available in the .com domain, then checked that you can use those business names in your industry and then you’ve tested those remaining name ideas to see which ones connect best with your potential customers.

Now, you might be thinking that you’ve done all these steps and you still have a number of business name ideas left.  While the list should have been greatly reduced you still feel you have some winners, how do you pick the final name for your business?

If you’re still unsure which of the few remaining business names or product names you should choose, perhaps you need to consider you brand touch points.  Brand Touch points are anywhere your customer, both internal and external, come in contact with your brand.  Where will people see your name?  Will it be in a newspaper or on the side of a bus?  Will they see your name on business cards or on a sign at a convention?

Think about everywhere your business name is going to appear and picture your name there.  Think about your name on the side of a building or on the product you’re going to produce and that should help you with the final decision.


Vyade – Forward thinking business name. If your a forward thinking company that wants the world to know how forward you are with your business name, is an excellent choice.

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Ryask – Interesting business name. Ryask is short and modern sounding and perfectly suited for a tech start up or “next generation” business.

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After all these tips it really just comes down to making a decision and you may have heard this before but, go with that gut feeling.  You’re going to have to be the one to live with the name and you’re the one who is going to be with the name for a very long time to come in the future.

Close your eyes, relax, have some tea, go for a walk, take a shower, do whatever it is that you do to relax and make a final decision.  Don’t spend too much time pinning over the decision, you probably already know the answer to the question, you just have to let yourself make the choice.

Once you’ve made the choice, close your notes, close your papers, you’re done.  Don’t start second guessing yourself; trust yourself in knowing you have done everything you could have possibly done to come to this decision.

We hope we were able to help you develop the best business name ever and we are always open to questions or statements or even if you have tips for developing the best business name ever.  Please send us an email or for questions you feel may help others post a comment below, we’re always listening.

Thanks for reading!