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Tips for Naming a Business

Below we’ve compiled some of our best past Business Naming Ideas.  We thought that any reader of this website would really both enjoy the tips and find them helpful in the business naming process.

We would also really like to encourage your, the reader, that if you have any questions you may want answered that you post them below or contact us.

We’d really love to help and we’d also really love to get your feedback so we can corral this blog to best help people develop the best name for their business ever!

Thanks for reading and here are the tips:


Business Name Idea #56

What does a creative business name do for your business?

Well the first thing a creative business does is let everyone know that your business is creative.  Your business name signals what type of business you are and the type of work that you do but, what exactly is a creative business name?

Looking in a dictionary, the word “creative” is described as originality of thought or having or showing imagination and/or designed to or tend to stimulate imagination.  If your business is in any way producing creative work, be it advertising, software design, interior decoration, anything creative, you should have a creative business name.

The Best Name Ever Team has put together some great creative business names that can spur interest in your prospective target market.  Have a look and see what some really creative business name look like.


Business Name Idea #55

What is it that makes a great company name?  A great company name is one that strikes at the heart of your target market.  You need to figure out who your target market is, what they like and how to get them excited enough that they come to your business.

You need be happy with you name, it needs to be one that you’re proud to stand by and but most of all it needs to be one that presents your company to your target market the best way possible; even if they don’t know it yet.

Think of Google, remember the first time you heard the name?  How about Yahoo?  The first time you heard those names you were probably thought, what the heck?  You might have been intrigued enough to go online and look it up, then you realized what they were what they do and then, you felt, this is tomorrow this is the future and I’m in the know, that’s what a company name should do.

Learn more about creating a great business name.


Business Name Idea #54

Do you remember a time when people just added “A’s” to the front of their business name to get to the top of the business name list in the phone book to get noticed?

It seems so long ago but the idea for a business using their name to get some attention and attract customers is one that goes on today and will continue for as long as anyone can imagine.

The only thing that has changes is the way to attract people to your business name.

Now you just can’t add “A’s” to your name but you can develop an interesting and intriguing name, one that evokes an emotion or a response from your target market, that will get them to find out who you are.

A great business name can get customers to your door it’s your product and services that will get them to choose you.

Get your business name out there and working for you!


Business Name Idea #53

What is it that you want your potential customers to know about your business?  Try not to think too literal about it, for instance, Paper Sellers, Computer Fixer or Grocery Store, think more of a type of name, something expressive, or a name that gives an idea of what type of business yours is.

Is your business at the top of technology, then an innovative business name, if your service is fast, then a fast sounding business name and if you have a food based business than perhaps a fresh sounding business name.

There’s an old adage that goes, “you only have one chance to make a first impression” and that goes for your business name as well.  Let people know what your business does without being too restrictive as that may hamper your business in the future.

Business Name Idea #52

The best business names can be made even better with a great logo. You know we love great business names, there’s no doubt about it, the only thing we love more than that is great business names paired with a targeted logo.

Business names are extremely important and can grab a lot of attention for your business, when that name is paired with a logo and put up on a billboard, side of a building or even a product you’ve got yourself something special.

Remember your logo needs to be targeted specifically to your target market, a.k.a. your consumer or end user.  To learn more about the relationship between your business name and your logo, check out this article we wrote and post us any questions you may have, we’ll be glad to answer them.


Business Name Idea #51

The best business names can be made even better with a great logo. You know we love great business names, there’s no doubt about it, the only thing we love more than that is great business names paired with a targeted logo.

Business names are extremely important and can grab a lot of attention for your business, when that name is paired with a logo and put up on a billboard, side of a building or even a product you’ve got yourself something special.

Remember your logo needs to be targeted specifically to your target market, a.k.a. your consumer or end user.  To learn more about the relationship between your business name and your logo, check out this article we wrote and post us any questions you may have, we’ll be glad to answer them.


Business Name Idea #50

The best company names are functional.  This doesn’t even mean that everyone or anyone not in your business knows what your business name mean.  Sometimes the best business names are ones that just mean something to you or to your business or product.

Sometimes the bust business names are almost a motto or work as inspiration.  For example, the word vox is Latin for voice.  Many people may not know that but, if you make sure everyone in your company knows that, voice can be your motto.

The best business names may not mean anything to anyone but you but, let that be the function and let that business name inspire you or guide your business.


Business Name Idea #49

Sometimes the best business names are the ones that you come up with yourself.

Listen, we know we’re in business to create and sell the best business names but, sometimes you just have to do it on your own.  We love that you’re reading this and getting tips and maybe even looking at some of our business names as inspiration, which means you’re on your way.

We’d love to get one of the great business names that we have on this site (plug) but no one knows your business better than you and you may just have to do it.  Good luck and please let us know if we can help you in this process.


Business Name Idea #48

There’s nothing wrong with getting specific with your business name if you have no plans on expanding or moving into another product.

You’ve heard us say in the past, that the best business names are ones that don’t limit you but there is something to be said about a business name that is specific to your one product or service.

For example if you’re a widget manufacturer and that’s all you produce, all you plan to produce and you do nothing more, than the business name Widget Co is a great one.  There is no question what you do, no one is going to be confused, it’s a great business name.

Just remember you must be happy with the widgets forever because Widget Co will never be a successful florist.


Business Name Idea #47

The best business names are the ones that stand out in a crowd.  Many entrepreneurs make the same mistake when they’re naming their own business and that is, they look at the other businesses within their industry, see the ones they like and imitate them.

Think about what can the best business names really do for your business, they not only inform the viewer as to what the business does but it also informs your potential clients/customers what type of company you are.

Do you want your perspective clients know about you? Do you want them to think that you’re just like the rest of the businesses within your industry? If you’re just like the other businesses within your industry, why should someone choose your business over your competitors?

While we encourage entrepreneurs to look within your industry for the type of business names you like and keep a list and using them as inspiration, you need to develop or find a business name that stands out from the competition.

A shinning, interesting and attention grabbing business name will be the one to be chosen first.  Of course it’s up to your business or product (price, merchandise, customer service, ect) to keep them but, the best business names to get them in the door.

The best business names grab attention, stand out from your competition and can get people in your door.


Business Name Idea #46

Sometimes the best business names are the ones that take you off guard.  These are the business names that you don’t expect or sometimes they’re the business names that may be common in one industry but completely unexpected in another.

What are we talking about?

The best and most simple example of this is Apple, ever hear of it?

While Apple as a fruit stand isn’t interesting, unique or even memorable, Apple the computer company is unique interesting and just plain cool.

Just because your favorite word, food, color, or shape is boring and commonplace it may be cool hip and interesting in a new and industry.


Business Name Idea #45

The best business names are ones that take it target market into consideration.

When naming your business, you must, must, must do a customer analysis. That means finding out what their needs are, their buying patterns, their age, income, education level and even your customers purchasing decisions.

The more you know about your audience or potential customers also known as your target market the better you can tailor your business name to them.

You’re going to need to love your business name but never forget who your business name is for, your customers and the more you know about them the better you can make it sound to them.


Business Name Idea #44 –

The best business names are sticky! What heck am I talking about, you may ask?

“Sticky” for anyone not in the marketing field is a term for how long someone is able to remember a name, be it a business name, product name, movie name, book name, whatever. It’s “sticky” as in it sticks with you.

The goal then, for any business, is to develop a business name and make sure that it sticks with your potential client until the moment they have the need for your business and the opportunity to choose it over another within your field, thus changing them from potential client to actual client.

The stickier your business name is and the longer it stays with someone, which means the more opportunity there is for them to buy from you.

There are lots of types of sticky business names but that’s a tip for another day or a blog!


Business Name Idea #43 –

The best business names are the ones that convey to your target market what they need to hear to choose you over your competitors.

What is it that your business does better than your competition? Why should your target market choose you over another business in your industry? Are you faster, better, higher quality, better customer service?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions then perhaps you may need to reconsider going into business to begin with, let alone decide on a business name.

The best business names cut to the chase and tell people why your business over your competitors.


Business Name Idea #42 –

Whoever told you that naming your business is going to be easy was a liar.

Developing the best business name for your new venture is difficult and time consuming but a great company name can grab you much needed attention when you’re first starting off and can get your foot in the door of your potential customers.

A great business name is one that stands out and what happens when something stands out? You notice is and you need to be noticed.

Make sure your business name doesn’t blend in with the crowd and that it speaks to your target market because ultimately, that is who your business name is designed for!


Business Name Idea #41 –

Developing the best business name for your new venture is difficult and time consuming but a great company name can grab you much needed attention when you’re first starting off and can get your foot in the door of your potential customers.

A great business name is one that stands out and what happens when something stands out? You notice is and you need to be noticed.

Make sure your business name doesn’t blend in with the crowd and that it speaks to your target market because ultimately, that is who your business name is designed for!


Business Name Idea #40 –

Sometimes the best business names are the ones based in foreign language.

You might be thinking that most people won’t know what that foreign word or part of word is so why even bother.

Well some people will get what the word is and that word may for inspiration for you and your business.

For example the word “vox” is Latin for voice. People may not know that at first but, if you incorporate the meaning into a tagline or play with the word they may.


Business Name Idea #39 –

Hey, where did all those Web 2.0 names go?

They’ve gone the way of Dodo that’s where. To be honest we’ll have to give some credit to whoever thought of the idea, they were interesting and cleaver but at the same time extremely difficult to understand, convey and remember which makes it a poor idea for a business name.

Business names need to everything those Web 2.0 aren’t, and that’s why their gone.

Make sure your business name is easy to remember that way your customers can recall what it is when the time comes for them to use you.


Business Name Idea #38 –

Sometimes the best business names have a tagline that go with them. We know we’ve always been saying that the shorter a business name and corresponding domain name the better but you might be wondering, how will people know what my company does?

A well-developed tag line can not only tell everyone what it is your business does, but it may just become the most effective commercial aspect of your business.

Where would, Alka-Seltzer be without “Mama mia, That’s a spicy Meatball” or AmEx “Don’t be home without it” or “Bounty, the quicker picker upper.”

We could go on but “Bounty” is the business name and “The Quicker Picker Upper,” is a great tagline that cements the business name and tells people what their product does.

What would your business tag line be?


Business Name Idea #37 –

Experiential names are often used but, that’s because they work.

Experiential business names appeal to people because they feel it with their emotions as well as their brain and their senses.

If people can feel your business name, they can remember your business and therefore be more likely to use your name.

If people can feel how your business will help them, they will use your business.

Business Name Idea #36 –

Funny or witty business can work well if you’re a small company.

AA Liquors, Hammered Liquors or 9021 Pho are really cute and funny and can bring a lot of people into your store but, don’t expect to global with a name like that.

If you plan on staying local and your business is not too serious, this isn’t a bad way to go.


Business Name Idea #35 –

People remember emotional names.

Sometimes the best business names are ones that cause an emotional reaction within the reader. Does your business name make people, cry, get angry, get mad, or get excited because they think your business is the one to finally solve their problem?

What do you think your customers are looking for and what emotions do you think their having when they’re not getting it.

Your emotion causing business name may be one that people are immediately drawn to solve their problems!


Business Name Idea #34

The best business names will save you a lot of money from your advertising budget.

Your business name should instantly connect to your target market. They should be able to see your name, say in a search engine, and just be compelled to click on your name and want to know more.

A common mistake made by entrepreneurs during the naming process is naming their business too similar to their competition. When they get going they look around their industry and see the names they like, and develop something similar.

While it’s a great idea to look around your industry to see the names you like, you want to avoid sounding similar otherwise without a huge advertising budget how are people going to differentiate between the two of you?

If your business name stands out from your competition, it will grab attention and can get people interested in what you’re doing without spending any of that advertising budget.

Now, you’ll never be able be able to get rid of advertising completely but, the best business names can go a long way to get people interested in your business.

Check out some business names that are innovative and sure to grab some attention.


Business Name Idea #33

When naming your company, our researchers have found, too often people include way too many people in the decision making process.

We call this “bland by committee!”

The more people you include in the naming process the more possibilities there are for one person to not like one part and another person liking another.

Eventually a great powerful business name gets watered down and water down until you’re left with nothing.While it’s great to get input from a lot of people, there should be one decider or a core naming group involved, that’s it.The best names for a business don’t get watered down by too many people!


Business Name Idea #32

Sometimes looking at a dictionary or a thesaurus may be the best idea to developing a great name for your new business or product.

Describe what it is that your business does and write it down in the form a list. Pick out the most important words then look them up in the thesaurus.Pick out the best words out and write them down.Put these words together in new and interesting ways then you just have to make sure they are available in the dot-com!


Business Name Idea #31

Sometimes the best business names are the ones that are common in industry but completely unique in another.

Ever think you would have head of a tech company named Apple?

An extra benefit of this is that, while the name would not be able to be Trademarked in the typical industry but it can be when used in a unique or unusual one!


Business Name Idea #30

Ever consider thinking of your business as a person to come up with the best name for your business or product.

Think of your business and describe it as if it was your good fired. Would your business be smart or funny, strong or fast, innovative or fashionable?

Describe your business or product as if it were someone you’ve meet for the first time.What are your first impressions of your product? Do they dress well, are they sharp or do they not spend a lot of money on clothes.Who is your business? Write down your description of business or product and use this list to develop business name ideas.


Business Name Idea #29

Sometimes the best business names are the ones that work well with other people. This gets back to testing your business name ideas.

Just because you love a business name does not mean that other people will or that your target market will connect with it.

A good idea is to ask people around you how they feel about your business name ideas.Ideally you should be asking your business target market but the people around you can work as a substitute.


Business Name Idea #28

Once you’ve found the best business name you’re not done. Get that name and get going to all of the social media outlets and start registering it everywhere.

Check your name in Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and everywhere else you plan on having a brand touch point.Now it’s not that big of a deal at these places, if it’s not an exact match, here you can expand the name a bit but don’t wait. It’s best if you can get that exact match so don’t wait until till it’s gone.


Business Name Idea #27

Sometimes the best business names change over time. Have you ever heard of a business that needed to change its name because it was failing or losing market share because their business name no longer connected with they’re audience?

There’s an old adage that state, time marches on and people change, that includes your target market.

You may hear of big business rebranding and changing their name. Often they’re not changing they’re name completely but changing non-the-less to better fit their clients today.

A recent and public example of this would be KFC. When we grew up it was Kentucky Fried Chicken but, everyone is eating healthier now and we know how bad frying is so, the company needed to come up with something new but not lose any customers yet remove the word Fried.

Some brilliant person convinced the company to change to the acronym KFC.

Now, ask someone when it happened and most people didn’t even realize that it had. There’s nothing wrong with rebranding and renaming yourself for the best business name to fit your current and future customers.

This would also be a great example where if you went with an innovative business name, one with no particular meaning, you wouldn’t have to worry about any negative connotations down the line.


Business Name Idea #26

The best business names are the ones that tell a story. Recently we came across a story where in 1904 the founder of Holt Tractor Company overheard people talking about his new earth moving farm equipment.

He heard people say that the farm equipment crawled along the earth and moved dirt like a Caterpillar. That was it, the company was rebranded Caterpillar and there was no turning back.

What does your company name say about you? Does your company name tell a story about your product or service, if not, it should!


Business Name Idea #25

The best business names are not generic.

If you’re in a large market and think that your business Joe’s hardware is going to stand out and garner attention and clients, keep thinking.Yes, people will know what you do and that your name is Joe but those generic business names are just so generic that people don’t even register them in their minds anymore.

Another problem with generic business names is that you’ll never be able to get the domain name or the trademark!


Business Name Idea #24

The best business names are the ones that everyone will understand. What do we mean by this exactly?Often people naming their own business are the ones who are the experts in their specific field in which the business is being started.

The problem with this is, the business owner may be overly familiar with their field and may think that their business name idea is great but it may very well be too “insider” for anyone not an expert in that field to understand.

The best business names are the ones where everyone understands what it is that you do and not just experts in the field.


Business Name Idea 23

The best business names ever consider how people are going to find out about their business or product.

Where, when or how are people first going to meet you? Planning your first introduction to your target market, when considering your business or product name, is an idea that should not to be overlooked.

Think about your business or product name as a first introduction and as the old adage states, you never get a second chance at a first introduction.


Business Name Idea 22 –

Think about what other business names within your industry is missing.

Make a list of the business names within your industry, your competition, and look at them. Can these business names be lumped into a type of name? Are these business names missing something?
Looking at this list of names, you might realize that they may be missing something.

By creating this list you may find a great way to standout and to differentiate yourself from the pact.

Being different and filling the gap where other business names are missing may be a great way to get some much needed attention.


Business Name Idea 21 –

How is your business different from your competition?  Your business name not only needs to tell people who you are and what it does it need to set you apart from your completion.

You should have your business name work for you by telling people right up front, with your business name, why they should choose you over your completion.

Is your business faster, smart, on the cusp of technology, have better customer service, what is it?

Firstly, if you can’t answer why or how you’re better than your competition, worrying about your business name is not your biggest challenge right now.

Secondly, consider touting why people should come to you over the completion.  Sometimes, the best business names are the ones that tell your customers why they should choose you and not the other business!

Be sure to check out some of our past blogs for more tips on naming your business; Testing your Business Names for Success, may be one of particular interest in this case.


Business Name Idea 20 –

The best business names are the ones that take into consideration what makes your company so great.

What do you do better than your competition? Think about what that is and tout it in your name. Are you faster, smarter, or quicker or do you have better customer service than the other business in your field.

The best business names are the ones that tell your customers why they should go to you and not to that other business or try that other product. It’s not bragging it’s called getting a leg up on the competition!


Business Name Idea 19 –

Sometimes you just have to invent your own language to create the best business name ever.

Creating your own language and in turn making up a business name is not such a crazy idea. You have a great chance at getting the domain name and a better chance at being able to Trademark it.

Your new business name can also sound exotic and interesting and mean absolutely nothing, which means the name will never be constricting.

Your made up business name may be your new best friend.


Business Name Idea 18 –

Think about your email when you’re naming your business.

What the heck are we talking about?  Think about your business name as not only your representation or just your domain name your name is also going to be your email.

Every day you’re going to be sending emails and giving out your email address do you really want to be Much like your business name your email has to be short and memorable. You’re going to tell someone and they’re going to need to remember it, go home and recall it when they need/want to send you a message.

Don’t loose business with a long email and business name!


Business Name Idea 17 –

Look for the best business names OUTSIDE your industry.

We know in the past that we said to avoid business names within your industry because the best business names are the ones that stand out but, we didn’t say you shouldn’t look at other industries.

We know that most entrepreneurs look around them to see names they love and that’s a great thing but we think you should only be looking outside your own industry. Who would have thought that “Apple” was a technology company 10 years ago?

Get it? Look for business names you love but use them in unconventional ways and pull from industries that are vastly different from you. Swim away from the pack for the best business names ever!


Business Name Idea 16 –

Why is it so important to have an innovative business name, just because I’m a IT company?

Ok so you’re starting a technology company and you product, website or service is just the best most cutting edge and innovative around. You’re the best because your company has the latest technology and it’s that technology which gives you the cutting edge.

How is anyone supposed to know that you’re innovative or on the cusp of technology if you have a boring or old fashioned name? If someone came across your name at a conference or on a billboard, if there’s a disconnect between your name and what you do, people will get confused and you’ll lose customers.

Tell people you innovative with an innovative business name. Check out some examples of innovative business names we have on this site and check out more business naming tips with the link below.


Business Name Idea 15 –

Here’s a great tip for developing ideas for the best business name ever.
Think about your business in terms of photos.

What’s going on in the photo? Are you helping someone, is your business a race car pulling ahead or is there live receptionists answering phones?

Picture showing your potential customers these pictures, what do they want to see.Do they want to see a sturdy building filled with employees perhaps, they want to see fresh produce or homemade products?There are lots of great ways to spur inspiration for you to develop the best business name ever!


Business Name Idea 14 –

Don’t even think about naming your business after the city, town or place that you started it.

Unless your town or city is internationally known and has a certain cache about it, like Beverly Hills or Monte Carlo, naming your business after a place is a bad idea.

business naming tips and ideas
tips and ideas for business naming

If you’ve read our business name ideas in the past, you’ll know that the best business names are the ones that you can expand with, and giving your business a specific location will stop you from doing this.

You’ll have a hard time doing business in Montana with the business name “Indiana Accountants!”


Business Name Idea 13 –

The best business names are the ones that stand out in a busy marketplace.

We understand that most entrepreneurs begin their business naming by simply looking around in their marketplace to be inspired by the names they like.  Typically, these entrepreneurs collect their liked names and try to emulate them.

What they overlook is that when you emulate others, you start to look like them.  This emulation leads to look-a-like names and that’s a sure-fire way to be lost in the crowd.

The best business names stand out and don’t get lost!


Business Name Idea 12 –

Check to make sure what your domain name means in a foreign country.

Doing a simple search in any search engine to find alternative meanings to what your domain name may mean in a foreign language may save you some time and a lot of money.

There may be nothing worse than to find out after you’ve branded your company around the best domain name ever just to find out that your domain means something horrible in another language.

Huge companies have fallen victim to this in the past, Chevrolet, McDonald’s, the list goes on.A simple search on that domain name can save you a lot of time and heartache.


Business Name Idea 11 –

Ok, you’re starting a business and now you need the best business name; one that represents you.

Your first gut instinct may be to name your new business after yourself. 

And why not?  After all, you’re not wrong in thinking that some of the biggest and most successful businesses in the world are named after people.  For example, businesses such as Morgan Stanley, Halliburton and Hewlett-Packard, to name a few, are all named after their founders.

If so, you’ve missed your chance a hundred years ago. The only thing these businesses have in common is that they’ve been operation for a long time.

Unless you’re building a business around yourself, a specific character or a person’s method, then you should consider another name.

At the end of the day, your business name should be designed to attract new customers and not based on its founder.


Business Name Idea #10 –

You may find more than one “best name for your business” or even “best product” name for your new venture.

When you’re coming up with your business name ideas, try all the different types of names then when it comes down to your final decision, figure which type of name works the best.

You may find that a creative name is really interesting, and a descriptive name sounds perfect, also an invented name sounds great.  Consider the effect of these names and types of names will have on your customers and pick the one that will bring them to you and get you that sale!

Your target market should ALWAYS be in the consideration when you’re deciding which type of name and which final name you choose for your business or product.


Business Name Idea #9 –

Best Name Ever loves creative business names but an overly creative business may work against you.

We love interesting business names and we love creative names but, if your business name is so creative that people have no idea what your business is, or how to read it or it’s difficult to communicate it, it’s time to consider a new business name.

Don’t be overly creative; you’re just going to confuse people.


Business Name Idea #8 –

What’s in a business or product name?

Well picture this, you’re out at a restaurant and you have a choice for dinner, Patagonian Tooth Fish or Chilean Sea Bass, which would you rather eat?

They’re both the exactly the same fish, but due to a rebranding and renaming with a good name, the once obscure Tooth Fish has had an explosion in popularity.

A great business name can introduce you and your product to a wider group of people who may have never considered it before.

Chilean Sea Bass was re-branded in 1977, so it’ never too late either!


Business Name Idea #7 –

Many startups make the mistake of not paying enough importance to branding.

We know that there is a lot to consider when you’re first starting your business or launching your product but many people only focus on funding and developing their products but their missing the big branding picture.

Your brand is as important as your product or services!

What is the color of your product going to be?  How will someone pick out your product from your competition on the shelf in the grocery store?  Will they know that your business is for them?  When they see your logo or find your website, will they know that site is connected to you?

While yes perfecting your product or business is extremely important but don’t forget the branding aspect.  If you do, your customers may try and love your product or business once and forget about it the next time.


Business Name Idea #6

The spirit and essence of your business needs to be reflected in your business name. That means if you are starting a hip, up to the minute and interesting business your business name has to be as interesting and forward as your business.

This does not only apply to hip and interesting businesses, this goes for all businesses. For example if you’re looking to name a business where you are entrusted with people’s money, say retirement planning service, or people are entrusting you with their health, than your business name needs to sound strong, safe and reliable.

If your business is fast, your business name must sound fast.

Starting to get the point?

Your business name needs to reflect the core attributes of business. A disjointed business name and concept will just confuse your customers and may send to your competition.


Business Naming Idea #5 –

The website should be your startups best friend.

We hear it all the time, and here’s how the scenario plays out; you find the best name for your business, everyone’s in, the stake holders, your friends, your clients, you’ve even tested your target market and they love your business name idea.

You launch and your business and it’s picking up. You’re heading to huge success and, SLAP, you get hit with Cease and Desist letter.

A simple and free trademark search on the official United States Patent and Trademark Office website will save you so much time, heartache, money and worse all the brand equity that you’ve been working so hard to build.

Two points to consider:

  • We always suggest that check with a trademark attorney.
  • Just because someone is using the same name as you, doesn’t mean that you can can’t, for example, if your business or product name is under a different “Classification of Goods and Services” and not “Confusingly Similar” then you can use the name.
  • Know the USPTO site, know your rights.

Don’t let this scenario happen to you. Make sure you can use your business name before you spend resources building it!


Business Naming Idea #4 –

The best business names are ones that you can grow with you and your business.

When you’re picking a name for your business or product, don’t just think about today, don’t think about tomorrow or the next day, think about ten or even twenty years from now.

What the heck is this crazy nut talking about?

We’re talking about picking the best business name for you today as well as the best business name for you in the future. Where will your business name be then, do you think you’ll expand your business into another region, country or heck even planet? Do you think you’ll launch a new product or branch out?

If you said yes to any of the above questions, it’s imperative that you don’t pick a business name that’s going to limit you in the future. You don’t want to be stuck with an overly descriptive business or product name that limits your growth to one specific geographical area or with one product or service.

Choose a broad and expansive business name that may nod to your industry or product but can expand and grow as you do. You’ll be glad down the line when you’re sitting on Mars looking to launch a new product!


Business Name Idea #3 –

The best business names are the ones that everyone can remember.

How many times has this happened to you?

You’ve just seen this awesome product in the store, or saw this company on a billboard that you want to check later, or heard of this great business from a friend and thought, oh I’ve got to check that out, but by the time you get home and get around to it, the business name is gone?

Don’t let that happen to you. If you’re business name sounds just like everyone else’s or is not memorable in any way people will get confused or not be able to find you.

People may remember part of your name or what your business does but if they can’t remember you, they can’t find you and if they can’t find you, you’re losing business and that means you’ll be out of business!


Business Naming Idea #2 –

Think about what it is that you want your customers to know about your business.

Your first introduction is going to be through your business or product name, what do you want them to know?

Do you want people to think that you’re a multinational company or do you want them to know you’re a family friendly local business?

Do you want people to think that you’re an innovative company like a tech start up or do you want people to know that you’re safe and secure like a bank?

Your business or product name is not necessarily for you it’s for your customer!  Think like your customer and you’ll have the best business name ever.


Business Naming Idea #1 –

Creative business names are the new “AAA” business of the past.

If you’re as old as I am, you’ll remember when businesses use to put AAA in front of their name to get the front of the phone book. It was a quick and cleaver way to get to the front of your section and get some attention.

We’ll I hate to say it but those days are over and so are phone books.  Ask any young person if they use a phone book and they’ll look at you like you have two heads.

The internet killed the phone book and every tree in the world took a collective sigh of relief.Then that leaves us with the question of how do you get my business noticed?  A creative business name is the way to go. A creative business name cuts through the clutter of a busy marketplace and can be like a shining star in a dark knight.

Be creative and be interesting with your business name.  You will not only get attention but you’ll tell people what kind of business you are!

Welcome to our Best Business Name Ideas.  On this page we’ll be featuring great products, categories, concepts and industries.


Best Business Names, is where we’ll be able to discuss some great business names and some disastrous names from the outside world.  We’ll discuss what it is exactly, that works so well about them or even what doesn’t work.

Best Product Name Ideas, we can’t help it, this is going to be where we show you some of the great business names that we’ve developed.  We’ll tell you why these names work and what we think they’ll work for.

Best Business Name Categories, here we’ll discuss categories of names like bold names, innovative names, names that sound fun, etc.  We think this is really important that you match the type of company you are with the name you have.

Best Business Name Concepts, here is where we’ll be able to discuss concepts of naming a business.  Our naming experts will share their advice and great tips on how to name your business.  Let us share our knowledge with you.

Featured Industries, we’re going to break down businesses by industry and discussing specific ideas behind what makes good names for them.  Just because one name may work for one industry does not mean that it will work in another.