How to Create the Best Business Name Ever, Step Two

best business name ever, get the domain name Make Sure The Domain Name is Available

In the past article How to Create the Best Business Name Ever, Step One, we discussed that you should sometime look at your own company as a potential customer to make sure you are communicating what you need to.  We also mentioned that when you’re looking to name your business, sometimes you are so close to the project that you can’t really see how others would look at it and miss an important naming opportunity.

This article is about how you can come up with the best business name ever but it doesn’t really matter if you can’t secure the corresponding domain name.  All the planning and all the work will be for not if you can’t get the domain name and the .com domain name at that.  That said you should consider several of your best business names to see which you can acquire.

Now don’t be too worried there are several ways around this.  The first one being that you can add words to your business name until the domain is available.  For example you like the business name, “Tivex” and the .com domain name is not available.  Say “Tivex” is a window commercial window cleaning service, you clean highrises and the like.  You keep the company name “Tivex” but add “windows” to the name.

We’re not going to lie here the best domain name for “Tivex” IS, period, and you should ALWAYS go for that name if you can get it and /or afford it.  If you are a smaller company and you’re just starting out, this is not a bad way to go but, keep in the back of your mind that you should at some point want to buy

So to make a long story longer ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS get the .com domain name and ALWAYS make it as short as possible.  The long the name the more likely it is for people to misspell your name which could lead you sending people to the wrong place and worse to your competitors.

To check out our first blog on how to come up with the Best Business Names just follow the link and we would love to hear from you.  Let us know what you think, post us something below or send us some thing from our Contact The Best Name Ever page.  We would love to have some funny or interesting naming choices for products or business.

16 Responses

  1. Peter

    That’s so crazy because some friends of mine that were starting a huge company with some investors when to a large naming company that came back with a great name; I mean it was perfect. My friend went to register it and it was already taken in most of the TLD’s.

    Even when he added words to the back of the name, like a descriptive they were taken and he had to do the entire process all over again; it was like flushing money down the toilet!

    • admin

      Rule one, section A, of naming a company is that it’s not the best name for your business if you can’t get the corresponding .com domain name! We’ve seen it before where small and mid sized companies save the money and go to big company naming specialists and they come back with the best name ever just to find out that the .com is take. Even if they go ahead to purchase it, it costs in the thousands of dollars.

      You have to make sure the name you are going with is available in the .com domain or it is the not best name ever for your business.

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. Sean

    Always get the .com domain name. I just read a story about how Over Stock and and when they switched to they lost a lot of business.

    • admin

      Thanks for your comment. All the article on this subject state that Over Stock lost hundreds of millions of dollars by converting over to It was the largest business disaster this year, right behind NetFlix. People were still typing in .com instead of .co even though all the advertisements boldly show .co. This may be due to muscle memory or people just aren’t use to just .co but it was just as disaster.

      Our researchers feel that this was such a public disaster for Overstock that it might just be the death nail for .co. Thanks for your comment and we hope no one will make the same mistake as Overstock did!

  3. Drew

    OMG if you can’t get your own domain extension then you have better get it in the .com domain. If you can’t get that move on!!

    • admin

      Ok, so we’ll have to agree with you. I personally think it would be really cool if someone or some business could by their own domain extension, if and only if your company name is short. If you’re company name is like one of our brandable names, Bryal for example, short and powerful, and you have the money ($100,000 USD) then heck yea, I would go for it.

      If however you don’t fit both criteria then YOUR ONLY OPTION IS A .COM DOMAIN NAME! Thanks for your comment and we love to have more outside voices that collaborate our feelings.

    • admin

      No, you can’t do it without the domain name. You want everything to be as streamline as possible. The more inline everything is the better, that means business name and domain name, everything. People should be able to see your logo or business name and go right home and plug it into the computer and up pops your website.

      If your business name isn’t your domain name people will get lost.

      You can’t have a business without the matching domain name!

    • admin

      So true, so true. If you can’t get the domain name you have to look for another name for your business or product. We’ve seen so many people get so set on one name, that they keep adding descriptors to that name until they can obtain the domain name. This is never a good idea. People-some-times-add dashes like that or numbers and every time they add something to the domain name, the more likely that someone will forget your name or misspell your name and get lost trying to find you online.

      Just go with a company where you can obtain the domain name. Thanks for your great comment.