How to Create the Best Business Name Ever, Step Three

How to Create the Best Business Name Ever, be creative Be Creative for a Creative Business Name!

When naming a company we need to suggest you be creative.  Creative company or business names stand out in a field and cut through the clutter of a crowded marketplace.  If you are a forward thinking company or business, especially if you are a technology company that needs to convey that you are at the cusp of technology, you need to have a forward, creative name; but that’s easier said than done.  How exactly does one go about being creative let alone be creative in particularly when you are going to be naming your company?

Well we here at Best Name Ever would like to share some of our creative processes that we feel will help you get creative when you go to name your company; at least get the creative juices flowing.

You might have heard something about mind mapping or creative brainstorming but the process is basically getting several members of or the entire team together to come up with ideas a bunch of ideas revolving around the project at hand but even mind mapping may be stunted by lack of creativity or even a desire to conform so we want to share some ways around that with you.

First ideas we like to share is that we make the team leader a rotating position.  Having the boss and only the boss be the team leader can really be intimidating to the group and people may just be adding ideas that they feel the boss would like instead of the best solution to the project.  Being creative means changing things up and that starts with the team leader!

Even if you don’t have a “group” or a large group and it’s only two or three of you that need to come up with the creative business name, you should still have a leader.  Sometimes this comes naturally to one person but, as the days go by this leader should be changed and this leader should really just be getting people to stick to a plan and on a schedule.

The team leader is not the one to boss people around but encourage thought and keep a schedule.

Another idea for being creative and coming up with business name ideas is that the team leader should come out with the first idea but NOT a typical or predictable idea a crazy and off the wall one.  If the team leader or even the most senior person in the group start off with an off the wall idea then others will not feel intimidated when it comes to being creative.

The first round of ideas should be the most creative, the most over the top and the craziest.  There is nothing off the table and nothing should be disregarded and if there is pressure on someone who is being creative then the team leader needs to step in.

Being really creative in the beginning and being over the top get people to think about looking at whatever the project is at different angles and from different perspectives.  The team leader should really encourage this creative section before you move to the narrowing down.

People think in different ways and people should be encouraged to think however they need to be creative.  Some people need to move, perhaps pace up and down while others may need to us post it notes to stick ideas on the wall.  Other need to bounce a ball and others can write on a dry erase board whatever it is, if it works let people use that tool; there’s a reason there is a billiards table at Facebook headquarters and ping pong at Apple!

Fun games can also be creative.  Toss a ball back a forth, whoever has a ball has to come up with an idea and because you need to be creative don’t sit in a windowless room in the basement.  You never know where inspiration can come from.  Take the group to the park, take the group to a museum or even move rooms or redecorate the room with art or color or streamers; something be creative (see where I’m going with this?).

In the end creativity comes from being creative and being creative will help you get to a creative business name.  Check out some of our other tips on the best business name ever, including: Best Small Business Names, What to Look for in The Best Business Name, Make Sure The Domain Name is Available for your Business Name.

Feel free to leave us a comment and to ask us any questions about how to create a business name or if you have an request for us to write about.

25 Responses

  1. Michael

    Again some great ideas. I’ve been reading your blog backwards but I think that tomorrow I’m going to get my staff outside to spur some inspiration.

    You’ve got some really great ideas on this site and I think I’m going to check out all of your “ tips for naming a business.”

    Maybe I’ll just have you name my business!

    • admin

      Thanks, there is nothing we would like more to name your business. Please, while we have amazing names on this site we have a specific company naming side of our company called Company Namings where we would help you create a custom name for your company. Please check it out and there is also a great blog on the site with more great information.

      Thanks again for your comment and please let us know if any of the brandable business names work as the Best Name Ever for your company.

  2. Sean

    That’s quite a great idea to move around to get creative. I really believe that a simple change in environment can spur tons of ideas.

    • admin

      The simple idea is that you change your space you change your view, you change the ideas in your head. This will work for not only developing a business name, this will work for anything you’re working on.

      Thanks for your comment and get outside and get creative and develop the best business name ever!

  3. Kevin

    Thanks for the awesome ideas. I was pounding my head into my desk trying to think of creative name ideas for my bosses new business, now I’m gonna take a walk and take my Ipad with me. Maybe getting out will work!

    • admin

      Great idea! Get outside and move around, take a bike ride, go to the gym, even take a shower. Find out what relaxes you and often great ideas will come to you. I hope this blog inspire you to think creatively and I hope that you get the best business name ever for your boss and please let us know if we can be any help with that!

  4. French

    I remember our teacher taking us outside on a nice day for a creative writing lesson. I see now what she was doing, change of environment spurs creativity. I think that is what you’re talking about here.

    • admin

      That’s such a cute story and is a perfect example of how something a simple as changing your setting can lead to creativity or spurring creativity. We were really unsure at first about including this tip in our blog because it really has nothing to do with creating creative business names it has more to do with spurring creativity but, then we thought that a lot of people get stuck and frustrated and can’t get out of their own head enough to be able to come up with creative names.

      So that’s why we decided to add this post. We know how important a interesting business name can be and we know a lot of people may actually have a lot of trouble with this aspect of the naming process.

      Thanks again for the comment and lets get outside and get those creative juices flowing for creative business names that are going to grab some attention and some business!

  5. Regie

    I always think of the best ideas in the shower so now I keep a pad in the bathroom and one by the bed, great ideas sometimes come to me when I’m relaxing laying down.

    • admin

      Great tip. When your mind is relaxed and you are not stressed our research has found that people tend to be more creative and a creative flowing mind will help you come up with a creative name for your business. We mentioned that large tech companies that need their employees to be creative have different exercises that gets people moving and thinking and that helps trigger creativity.

      Coming up with the best creative name for your business or product doesn’t have to be a grueling or tedious activity. Think about it as being a fun project and that will in-turn help you come up with a fun and creative business name.

    • admin

      Get moving to get creative we love the concept. We know it’s true because think about how many great ideas come to you when you go for a walk, go to the gym or even start cleaning. Our researchers have found that it’s more about getting away and letting your mind wander or at least getting your mind off of the project at hand.

      All bosses should encourage their employees to get up and get moving. Get them out and walking for their lunch break, it’s healthy and it spurs creativity!

  6. Linda

    I heard Google and other tech firms have ping pong tables and stuff in their offices so people move and spur creativity.

    • admin

      They do. Many tech firms or even many creative business have all sorts of things like that. Foosball tables, billiards table anything were people are interacting and moving. Not video games, people need to be able to interact and that’s what spurs innovative thinking. We’d love to hear what you think of our innovative business names.

    • admin

      Moving around is just one of the many ways that people can spur creativity and in turn spur ideas for a creative business name. You might have heard that huge companies like Google and Microsoft bring in fun and interactive games that people can play together, move and discuss ideas in a creative way. Our researchers have even discovered that some companies have just one bathroom in the center of the company so that people need to get away from their desks, move and think about whatever it is that they’re working on, so maybe they have some new and creative ideas.

      Sometimes you just stare at something for too long and you cant see the answer, whether it’s a company naming project or your taxes, moving an getting active may freshening up your ideas and you may just find the answer you’re looking for.

      Thanks for your comment and keep moving and get creative!

    • admin

      Thanks for the comment. We really hope that everyone can get some great information on how to get the best business names for their new venture. If you have any questions about naming your business we’d love to help and even if you love a particular business name, we’d love to hear it.

    • admin

      Well thanks for the comment. We want to help people get the best possible name for their business. We’ve collected so much information from so many different resources on how to develop a great domain name. We want to present this information to everyone who want it, so that they can develop the name themselves.

      We also wanted to develop great business names to show as example and we want to make them available in case anyone would want to buy one. If you want to check out what we think are great business names, please check out our home page.