How to Create the Best Business Name Ever, Step Three

How to Create the Best Business Name Ever, be creative

Be Creative for a Creative Business Name!

When naming a company we need to suggest you be creative.  Creative company or business names stand out in a field and cut through the clutter of a crowded marketplace.  If you are a forward thinking company or business, especially if you are a technology company that needs to convey that you are at the cusp of technology, you need to have a forward, creative name; but that’s easier said than done.  How exactly does one go about being creative let alone be creative in particularly when you are going to be naming your company?

Well we here at Best Name Ever would like to share some of our creative processes that we feel will help you get creative when you go to name your company; at least get the creative juices flowing.

You might have heard something about mind mapping or creative brainstorming but the process is basically getting several members of or the entire team together to come up with ideas a bunch of ideas revolving around the project at hand but even mind mapping may be stunted by lack of creativity or even a desire to conform so we want to share some ways around that with you.

First ideas we like to share is that we make the team leader a rotating position.  Having the boss and only the boss be the team leader can really be intimidating to the group and people may just be adding ideas that they feel the boss would like instead of the best solution to the project.  Being creative means changing things up and that starts with the team leader!

Even if you don’t have a “group” or a large group and it’s only two or three of you that need to come up with the creative business name, you should still have a leader.  Sometimes this comes naturally to one person but, as the days go by this leader should be changed and this leader should really just be getting people to stick to a plan and on a schedule.


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The team leader is not the one to boss people around but encourage thought and keep a schedule.

Another idea for being creative and coming up with business name ideas is that the team leader should come out with the first idea but NOT a typical or predictable idea a crazy and off the wall one.  If the team leader or even the most senior person in the group start off with an off the wall idea then others will not feel intimidated when it comes to being creative.

The first round of ideas should be the most creative, the most over the top and the craziest.  There is nothing off the table and nothing should be disregarded and if there is pressure on someone who is being creative then the team leader needs to step in.

Being really creative in the beginning and being over the top get people to think about looking at whatever the project is at different angles and from different perspectives.  The team leader should really encourage this creative section before you move to the narrowing down.

People think in different ways and people should be encouraged to think however they need to be creative.  Some people need to move, perhaps pace up and down while others may need to us post it notes to stick ideas on the wall.  Other need to bounce a ball and others can write on a dry erase board whatever it is, if it works let people use that tool; there’s a reason there is a billiards table at Facebook headquarters and ping pong at Apple!

Fun games can also be creative.  Toss a ball back a forth, whoever has a ball has to come up with an idea and because you need to be creative don’t sit in a windowless room in the basement.  You never know where inspiration can come from.  Take the group to the park, take the group to a museum or even move rooms or redecorate the room with art or color or streamers; something be creative (see where I’m going with this?).

In the end creativity comes from being creative and being creative will help you get to a creative business name.  Check out some of our other tips on the best business name ever, including: Best Small Business Names, What to Look for in The Best Business Name, Make Sure The Domain Name is Available for your Business Name.

Feel free to leave us a comment and to ask us any questions about how to create a business name or if you have an request for us to write about.