Funny Business Names

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Funny Business Names

We’ll love great business names, there is nothing better to grab the attention of your audience, and potential customers then the best business name but sometimes things just go wrong in the process.

On a recent trip to Ghana, we came across this hotel name and we thought we would share it with you as an example of what not to do with your business name.

There are several things wrong here.  First the business name itself, Noda.  Unless this name means something that we don’t know, foreign language or geographic location, Noda doesn’t work.  “No Da!”  It either sounds like No Da, something Bart Simpson would say or a valley girl from ’80 California or nada the Spanish word for nothing which would be fitting to the hotels tagline “service next to none.”

Being the photographer in this instance, the name and tagline were quite fitting.  I’m sure that this was a mistake with simply poor English but it is both a hotel and tagline that I will never forget.

Do you have any photo’s of funny business names or business names that stand out.  This may be a simple misinterpretation or bad grammar if you have any poor translations for businesses?  Please we would love to hear it.  Also if you have a business name idea and want to ask our readers what they think let us know that as well, we can post it and you can see how people feel about it.

Thanks for visiting this site and if you are interested in some great ideas about how to get the best company, business or product name ever check out our best business naming tips. We have also started a series of tips for naming a business with great ideas like, Creating Creative Business Names and Making Sure Your Business Name Idea Has Corresponding Domain Name.

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      Thank you I did have a wonderful time, Ghana is an amazing country.

      For your request for names for a restaurant, we mainly have brandable business names on this site but some can be made into restaruant names by adding a tagline. Take Lyyon for example, can be made into Lyyon’s the best BBQ in town, Get your Lyyon’s Share, come with a Lyyon’s appetite, or something of the nature.

      If not, another part of our company does custom company naming and we’ll be more then happy to come up with a great name for you. Thanks again.