How to Create the Best Business Name Ever, Step One

How to Create the Best Business Name Ever, Step One How to Create the Best Business Name Ever, Step One:

Best Name Ever not only wants to be a fun and entertaining site, gosh knows we need some humor in our lives, but we also want to be a resource for people looking to start a business, company or launch a product and are looking to find or create the best name ever.  As we’ve said before, it is not good enough for you go have a good enough name, you need the best name.

That said over the next few weeks we are going to be sharing with you 7 easy and targeted steps to creating the best business name ever, best company name ever or product name ever!

First point we wish to share with you is what to look for in the best business name because if you don’t know what to look for, you won’t know the name when you see it.  So first consider the strategic objectives of your firm or product.  The best name for you may not be the best name for someone else and vice verse.  Know you product; know your company inside and out, only when you truly know your company then you will know the best name for it.

Look for a name that connects to your customers, both internal and external.  Sometimes people when naming their company or product get so wrapped up within the planning forget to think like their customer.  How would your customer find your product or company?  How would your customer relate to your business?  Don’t forget about your customer, think like them!

Examples of Great Business Names:

 connecting your business name to customers how to connect your business name to your customers connecting to your business through your business nameconnecting businesses to customers through their name


In general, stay away from funky spellings.  We know there are a huge group of Apps for phones and rock bands that have interesting spellings or business names without vowels.  Unless you are one of these groups, this is to be avoided.  The best business names and best product names are short, easy to pronounce and easily spoken.  Avoid multiple spellings and multiple pronunciations; just one way to spell and say the name.

Have fun with this process and even have fun with the name, but just not too much fun and we know you’ll get the best business name ever or best company name ever.  Stay with us for the next few weeks as we share with you our top 7 steps to naming a business or company.

If you have any tips for naming a business or tips for the best product names we would love to hear it.  Just post your comments or questions below and we’ll be happy to answer them as best we can.  We would also love to see your funny business or company names and product name fails.

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9 Responses

  1. Peter

    You’re so right. Recently I was looking to name a small part time business and I was just so in the middle of it I couldn’t see it like my customers would.

    I thought I had the perfect name and my wife was very confused, which means I went back the drawing board. At first I was upset and then I had to apologize because I knew what I meant but an “outsider” didn’t and the business is not for me it for my perspective clients.

    Good point thanks for the blog.

    • admin

      Thanks for your comment, it’s like the old adage, one can’t see the forest in-count of all the trees. The best business names are ones that connect with you person you are look to as a customer. If you are looking to develop the best business name ever you have to look at your business name from the outside in. We really applaud you for asking your wife what she thought of your business name idea, that is an excellent tip for anyone naming their business.

      Get some ideas together names that you think are great and other names as well, and ask your internal stake holders (employees, contractors, ect) and external stake holders (potential customers, friends and family) and ask them what they think of the name. The name or names they come up with might just surprise you, and you might just love it, either way it is great to have a outside opinion!

  2. May Lee

    I like it. Your name gets your foot in the door you company has to do the rest!